6 Must-Have Holiday Collar, Harness, and Leash Styles For Your Dog

By Courtney Alexander

three plaid christmas colored dog collars stacked in front of three lit christmas trees on a brown background

The holiday season is in full swing and we’ve got you (and more importantly your pup) covered when it comes to sporting festive looks. Don’t wait for Santa to bring your furry friends their Christmas looks. Browse our must-have holiday-themed collars, leashes, and harnesses for the perfect spirited ‘fit for the family holiday card, Christmas morning picture, and everything in between.

6 Must-Have Dog Holiday Styles

Whether your pup is a cookie connoisseur or a mischievous elf, we’ve got a style perfect for their personality. We’ve gathered six of our must-have collar, harness, and leash styles for you to check out. Grab one, two, or all six, and get ready for all the holiday festivities the next few weeks will bring.

1. Poinsettia Velvet Dog Collar

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Poinsettia plants are a staple when it comes to Christmas decor. If your pup wants to be festive but doesn’t want to be as spirited as a young elf per se, this style is a perfect choice. Plus, the red collars go nicely with just about any holiday background.

Hello, Christmas card material!

holiday dog collar with red and green designs of poinsettia flower on velvet material
Quick Tip: Real Poinsettias are mildly toxic to dogs and cats – However, this Poinsettia dog collar is completely safe to wear! (but still don’t eat it)

2. Holiday Cookies Dog Collar

What’s the best part about the holidays? If you said sweet treats, congrats! You have officially found the perfect collar for your furry bestie, who probably agrees with your answer. This collar has all the best dog cookies and biscuits Christmas time brings along with it. Grab one for your fellow gingerbread-loving pal and the dreams of dancing sugarplums will be quick to follow.

The Holiday Cookies Dog Collar is also available as an EarthStyle Freedom No-Pull Harness and a double-connection leash.

three red and green dog collars stacked on top of each other with christmas dog treat designs

3. “Kiss The Dog” – Holiday Dog Leash

Will the countdown to the new year bring yet another year of kissing your dog at midnight? Hey, no judgment – it’s probably a better choice than most. Bring your pooch to your New Year’s Eve plans with this mistletoe and candy cane-covered leash. Slobbery kisses welcome!

The “Kiss The Dog” Holiday Dog Leash is also available as an EarthStyle Freedom No-Pull Harness, EarthStyle Dog Collar, and a double-connection leash.

blue dog leash with candy canes and mistletoe designs

4. Holiday Paisley – Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Don’t want to give up the pleasant walks your Freedom No-Pull Harness gives you year-round but still want to get into the Christmas spirit? We’ve got you covered. This holiday paisley design gives you the technical benefits of your everyday harness, but the festive fun of the season. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Holiday Paisley Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is also available as an EarthStyle Dog Collar, standard leash, and a double-connection leash.

red and green holiday paisley design dog harness

5. Elf Shoes – Holiday Dog Leash

Are you worried about your pup making the nice list this year? Do they have a bit of a mischievous elf in them? We get it, not every pooch is Santa’s perfect little helper, but that’s okay. The good news is we’ve got the perfect festive leash for that playful little troublemaker. Plus, you can keep a much-needed eye on the shenanigans they get into.

The Elf Shoes Holiday Dog Leash is also available as an EarthStyle Freedom No-Pull Harness, EarthStyle Dog Collar, and a double-connection leash.

red dog leash with elf shoes and hat designs along it

6. Christmas Plaid Green – Velvet Dog Collar

Does your family do matching plaid Christmas pajamas every year? Do you want your furry bestie to be included but know wrestling him or her into a pair of puppy pajamas won’t end well? We hear you loud and clear, and we’ve got a solution. This plaid collar allows your dog to be a part of the matching fun on Christmas morning without the headache that dog clothing often brings along.

The Christmas Plaid Green Velvet Dog Collar is also available in other colorsas a dog leash.

red and green plaid velvet dog collar

Did You Start Your Wishlist Yet?

grey and white dog sitting with blue holiday collar and red holiday leash on

So, did you start building your Christmas wishlist? Well, what are you waiting for? Share that list and make that purchase so you can have the best-dressed pup at every holiday function this season has in store. Hurry, these styles won’t last long!

If none of these were quite what you were looking for, take a look at our newest Christmas and Holiday dog collar, harness, and leash designs.

Looking for more ways to get into the holiday spirit? Check out these 5 must-try Christmas dog treat recipes from our friends at Rover.

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