Announcing the Winners of our 2 Hounds Design Photo Contest

By Alisha Navarro

We’re celebrating our 18th birthday later this year, and since 18 is a big year for humans, we wanted to make it a big deal for all the good doggos in our life, too!

To celebrate how far we’ve come over the years, we asked you – the best customers EVER – to submit photos of your dogs in their 2 Hounds Design collars, harnesses, and leashes, so we could showcase your cuties to the world! We chose winners for categories including: The Gets Better with Age Award, The Oldie but Goodie Award, The Top Collector Award, and The Good Boy/Girl Award.

At least, those awards were what we planned for. Once we saw the most adorable photos of the bestest girls and boys, we added a few BONUS AWARDS just for fun!

Didn’t get to submit your photos? We’d love to see them any time! Just tag us on Instagram at @2_hounds_design or click here to submit!

The Gets Better with Age Award

Princess Shannon (parent Shannon Henson) – we can’t remember how old this collar is. Alisha’s best guess is maybe 2011 or 2012?

The Oldie but Goodie Award

Mando (parent Maggie Hunter)

The Top Collector Award

Peanut Noel and Jaxx Jinglebell (parent Amanda Wilson) – LOOK at that haul of 2 Hounds gear!

The Good Boy Award

Henry (parent Kelly Cossaboon)

We originally didn’t plan on these next few awards, but your submissions were too good to pass up. Keep those dog pictures coming!

The Most Well-Traveled Award

Lilly, Talut, and Mokosh (parent Mercedes Trujillo)

The Best Ears Award

Sawyer (parent Melissa Love)

The Let’s Play Award

Denver (parent Michelle Bien-Curtin)

Want to see your pup featured on our website looking all handsome/beautiful in their 2 Hounds Design swag? We’d love to see them any time! Just tag us on Instagram at @2_hounds_design or click below to submit!

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