How does the Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement Warranty work?

I ordered the Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement warranty – what’s next and how does it work? It happens, dogs chew things.  So you’ve got a chewed harness on your hands, you’ve ordered the 2HD Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement Warranty, but how does it work? Print a copy of your invoice (it should be in your...

How the Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Works

Swiss Velvet Dog Collars and Velvet Leashes for Sophisticated Pups!

Swiss Velvet Dog Collars are great for all dogs! Whether they are spending a great day at home lounging on the “off-limits” couch or out for a trot around town, as a pet parent, you only want the best for your best friend—especially when it comes to choosing the right pet collars and leashes. That’s...

Turquoise Swiss Velvet Dog Collar

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