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The EarthStyle line webbing is made from RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES!  No force, no pain.  Just an enjoyable walk with your dog!


Like a gorgeous sunrise over deep water, this pink plaid Freedom No-Pull dog harness will help you and your dog enjoy pull-free walks and turn heads along your path!

Pink Plaid Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

This bright version of our Freedom No-Pull dog harness features a subtle ombre design and a bold plaid in Blues, Purples, and a hint of Orange.  You can select a matching leash in the drop-down menu to complete your set!

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Recycle in Style!

New EarthStyle collection combines colorful upbeat designs with earth-friendly webbing made using recycled plastic bottles.  6 Great patterns to choose from, all available in your choice of Freedom Harness, any style collar, or any style leash.  You’ll love these designs that are more earth-friendly and the retro-hip designs of the EarthStyle line.

This pink plaid Freedom No-Pull dog harness features a patented control loop on the back of the harness which tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling behavior and makes walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience for both of you.  It also features a structural connection ring on the front of the harness.  Connecting to this ring is optional, but recommended, as it allows you to attach to the front and back of the harness simultaneously.  Used this way, you are able to control pulling and redirect your dog’s attention back to you for training and treats.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness features a Swiss velvet-lined chest strap to help prevent rubbing and chafing behind the front legs.  In this case, the strap is purple to match the plaid.  The stainless steel hardware used on the harness will never rust or corrode, and the webbing can literally be used to tow cars.  It will not break or fray, no matter how hard your dog pulls.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is designed to fit any dog from 14 lbs all the way up to 250+ lbs.

Freedom Harness Sizing

It comes in two widths:

5/8” for smaller dogs under 40 lbs – Dachshunds, Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Jack Russel Terriers, Beagles, Miniature Schnauzers, etc.

1” for larger dogs over 40 lbs – Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Basset Hounds, Pit Bulls, Great Danes, etc.

To measure your dog for the harness, use a soft measuring tape (or a piece of string) and measure all the way around the largest part of your dog’s chest.  Choose the SMALLEST size that fits within that measurement.


Multiple Leash Attachment Options!

Training Leash

The training leash is designed to be used in conjunction with the Freedom No-Pull Harness. It provides additional control points, which evenly distributes pressure.  It has a permanently attached “floating” handle, allowing the leash to be used in multiple configurations:

  • Connect to the front and the back of the harness simultaneously.
  • Connect to just the front or the back of the harness.
  • Connect to the harness and a collar at the same time.

When connected to two points the training leash is 3′ long including the floating handle, and 4′ long when attached to a single point.  As the name suggests, this shorter leash is especially useful for training.

Euro Leash

The Euro leash is just like the training leash but is 6′ long when connected to both attachments, and 8′ long when connected to a single point.  The handle is removable and can be used separately. The Euro leash can be used in the following configurations:

  • 8″ Traffic handle all by itself.
  • Fold leash in half. Clip one end of leash to your dog’s collar or harness and the other end to the stationary ring. Clip the Traffic Handle to the floating ring. This makes a 4′ lead.
  • To create a 2 foot leash, continue from step two, slide the floating O-ring towards you and reconnect it to the bolt snap that is connected to your dog’s collar.
  • Place lead around shoulder/back and clip (1) end to floating ring and other end to dog. This makes a hands-free lead.
  • Place lead around waist and clip (1) end to floating ring and other end to dog. This makes a hands-free lead.
  • To keep your dog close and safe while sitting stationary with him/her, simply attach leash to your dog and wrap the handle end of leash around a pole, fence post, railing or small tree and attach both snaps in the handle to the floating o-ring. (use this method only while remaining with your dog)

Proudly made in the USA!

You can wash it in the washing machine by placing the harness in a pillow case and using the gentle cycle OR place the harness in a sink filled with cold water and detergent.  Let it soak and rinse it well.  Always air dry your harness.

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  1. One person found this helpful
    Kevin Jackson

    This harness has made walks and training so much easier!

    Kevin Jackson (verified owner)

    We love this harness!! It fits comfortably (hadn’t noticed the velvet strap across the chest and so far it has helped with rubbing and chafing – plus it’s pretty) and immediately changed walk manners. The d ring on the back and the front is really helpful too. Love the leash too!

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  2. Anna

    Anna (verified owner)

    My college program uses these harnesses for our foster pups so when I adopted one of them I knew I wanted one for my girl. She loves that it’s comfortable and I love that it’s cute and helps reduce her pulling!

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  3. Nancy Cohen

    Nancy Cohen

    Great harness! The colors are beautiful, the material is soft and luxurious, and the hardware is top quality. I also bought the matching double end leash. Customer service was super nice and helpful when I had an issue with my order confirmation. My only complaint is that I wish they had a video tutorial on how to properly fit the harness the first time. Otherwise, I love these products and they look really nice on my puppy!

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  4. Heidi Willcox

    Perfect Harness

    Heidi Willcox (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have purchased a 2houndsdesign harness. My most recent purchase is for our newest addition now that she is close to grown and know what size she would ultimately need. While perfect in any condition… mud, snow or rain, I love that they holdup to the saltwater without any corrosion when we are in NC at the beach. So nice to support a Made in America Company that produces a great product.

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  5. RW

    Great harness

    RW (verified owner)

    Love this for my 150lb English Mastiff Kali. It distributes her weight more evenly over the whole harness, which helps if she sees something, and wants to jerk or pull suddenly. I’m able to control her much better, and she seems more comfortable than with previous no pull harnesses. Like the velvet on the under belly strap, prevents chaffing under her front arm pit, which she has been rubbed raw from other harnesses. Overall great! Just trying to fine tune and adjust the harness during our walk. First walk went fantastic! Highly recommend for comfort, and especially if you have a large/giant/ powerful breed.

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