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2 Connections for your Leash: Why It's Important

By Courtney Alexander
double-connection leash graphic

Do you dread daily walks with your pup because of the unmanageable pulling that inevitably occurs every time? We understand completely and trust us when we say, you are not alone!

So, the first step, you purchased a Freedom No-Pull Harness. That's great! But don't stop there. Step number two is crucial to achieving the pull-free walk: the double connection leash. You will reach your goal of a no-pull walk much faster when you utilize the double connection feature of the Freedom No-Pull Harness. Check out a few of the benefits of using the double-connection leash with your Freedom No-Pull Harness below.

black and white dog with pink harness on and black double-connection leash attached

Front and Back Connections help discourage pulling

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is designed to prevent pulling while your dog is on the leash, and the double connection leash takes this a step further. The harness will help to prevent pulling when you connect just to the martingale loop. However, connecting the second hook of the leash to the front ring of the harness gives you two points of contact, which is the best way to communicate with your dog.

When your dog pulls they will feel the martingale loop tighten gently and the connection on the chest will encourage them to redirect their attention back to you. This allows you to refocus their attention and reward good behavior with training treats.

2 Connections keeps your dog closer to you

Another reason for the double connection is the limited distance your pup has to roam. With both rings in use, the leash is shortened, meaning your dog is forced to stay within a shorter range to you. This creates better walking habits for your pup, too. As they become accustomed to the double-connection and the space they are allotted, you can remove one of the connections and allow them to have some extra space.

Better Control

Again, this might sound redundant but hear us out. While yes, the point of the Freedom No-Pull Harness is to eliminate pulling, it is not an overnight fix. It will take time, practice, and patience between you and your pooch. Because it is not an overnight fix, the need for control is still very much a necessity. Especially if you are working with a large, strong breed.

Using the double-connection of the harness allows you to have better control when your pup tugs a bit harder. Instead of being dragged across the street after that squirrel, you will have a better grip and stance against the tugging.

black and grey dog with red and black harness and red and black double-connection leash attached


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