XXSmall Freedom Harness Press Release: Freedom Harness Mini

XXSmall Freedom Harness Press Release: Freedom Harness Mini

By Alisha Navarro
XXSmall Freedom Harness Press Release: Freedom Harness Mini

2 Hounds Design


2 Hounds Design Announces the Launch of the Freedom Harness Mini
XXSmall Harness Size for Dogs Under 15 Pounds

Indian Trail, NC: Today, 2 Hounds Design is excited to announce the latest edition to its award-winning Freedom No-Pull Harness line of products. The company has launched the Freedom Harness Mini to accommodate tiny dogs weighing less than 15 pounds.

An innovator in the pet accessory market since 2003, 2 Hounds Design has developed a loyal following among pet store owners, veterinarians, dog trainers, dog behaviorists, and dog pet parents, thanks, in part, to the Freedom Harness designed for breeds ranging from 15 to 250 pounds. The opportunity to extend the line to include the tiny-dog contingent exciting and has received positive feedback.

Alisha Navarro, president of 2 Hounds Design, noted, "The response so far has been great!  Customers started ordering them from our website as soon as we added them!"

With a nod to the success of the recent merger, Ms. Navarro adds, "This is our first project working with the patterns from Yellow Dog Design after our acquisition/merge, so we are excited to work on our first project together!"

The Mini Harness fits chest sizes 13"-16" and is currently available in 12 exciting colors and prints. Each allows the perfect opportunity to showcase that little pup's big personal style:

  • Bandana Red  
  • Blue Daisy
  • Solid Black
  • Fruity Hearts
  • Gumball and Black Polka dots
  • Leopard Print
  • Peppermint
  • Pink and Black Polka dots
  • Purple and Pink Plaid
  • Rainbow Stripe
  • Sculls
  • Snowflakes

Incorporating the larger Freedom No-Pull Harness design, the Mini version features a patented control loop on the back of the harness to permit a gentle tightening around the chest to ensure a perfect fit. Walking with your dog is easier with the harness, as it discourages pulling behavior.

The harness also features a structural connection ring on the front of the harness. Although using it is optional, it allows you to attach to the front and back, adding greater control as you redirect your dog's pulling behavior. 2 Hounds Design also recommends carrying training treats to reinforce desired behavior.

All Freedom No-Pull Harnesses feature a Swiss velvet-lined chest strap for added comfort and to prevent chafing behind the legs. Each harness is also finished with stainless steel hardware for extra durability. It withstands the toughest tasks and won't corrode or rust.

Leashes for the Mini Harnesses are longer than the standard No-Pull Harnesses to accommodate the tiny dogs' bodies' closeness to the ground.

2 Hounds Design continues with its Freedom No-Pull Harness line for larger dogs sized XS to XXL. The company also offers bundled packages that include a choice of leashes. Other products consist of a comprehensive range of collars, training and Euro-style leashes with hardware options, bandanas, collar flowers, and gift cards. The company welcomes retail and wholesale shoppers.

Wholesale Benefits
2 Hounds Design is a family-owned business that's focused on partnering with retailers who are interested in offering quality products and delivering outstanding customer service. The $0 minimum order policy is one way to extend 2 Hounds Design's "Easy To Do Business With" policy. Quick turnaround and small orders are honored without hesitation.

Products are made in Indian Trail, North Carolina, providing an added bonus for customers who prefer to purchase Made in the USA when possible. 2 Hounds Design ensures high-quality products and on-time delivery to your store.  

The company's MAP policy is strictly enforced to protect retailers from price undercutting. Contact a member of the wholesale customer service team or complete the online form.

Committed to Community
Ms. Navarro never strays far from her desire to positively contribute to the community. To the point, 2 Hounds Design began innocuously enough. Trained in theoretical and applied physics, she decided to tap into her creativity and design martingale collars for her two retired racing Greyhounds. That seed sprouted into a $500 investment in materials and a one-woman enterprise making collars in her spare bedroom.

2 Hounds Design eventually flourished into a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility employing more than 70 talented individuals in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Their combined dedication to quality provided the fuel to drive them to achieve international recognition for their unique pet products. It's been the impetus that's allowed them the opportunity to merge with another impressive pioneering brand, Yellow Dog Design.

Through it all, 2 Hounds Design continues to work with adoption and rescue groups throughout the world. The company has hosted auctions and fundraisers, and it matches donations, including the Freedom No-Pull Harnesses and leashes designated purchases through the website. The harnesses are used by humane societies, SPCA organizations, shelters, and private rescues.  

Ms. Navarro and Yellow Dog Design's owners, Mike and Don Dempsey, will also continue to contribute to North Carolina's economy by remaining in the state when they consolidate manufacturing operations.  

Quality Customer Care
Both companies are committed to delivering the same elevated level of customer care as they continue to integrate businesses in the coming months. Until the consolidation is complete, they will function as two autonomous companies, independently managing their distinct operations. All orders will be efficiently processed, and partners will be regularly updated as the transition progresses. 

Contact a member of 2 Hounds Design customer service team for product questions, measurement guidelines, or order placement assistance.  



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