Chew-Proof Dog Harness? Is that even a thing?

By Alisha Navarro

Chew-Proof Dog Harnesses Don't Exist

Having a dog is a life-changing experience with its own series of ups and downs. Those precious moments with your pup, excited to greet you when you get home with licks and wiggles, it just can’t be replaced! However, you do have to replace all the little accidents of mayhem they may create. Dogs love to chew, and they don’t understand the value of the items that fall victim to the sharp teeth in their mouths. That’s why some of the most popular search terms are ‘chew-proof toys’ or the elusive ‘chew-proof dog harness,’ but do products like that even exist?

Debunking The Chew-Proof Dog Harness

Sadly the answer is no, we aren’t aware of any chew-proof dog harnesses on the market.  And any product that advertises itself as indestructible just hasn’t met the right dog. Some pups have a propensity for destruction that is unmatched. If you have a high-grade chewer with a laser focus on targeting and destroying their harnesses, there is another option.

While there is no such thing as a chew-proof harness, 2 Hounds Design makes the Freedom No-Pull dog harness with an exciting feature perfect for the harness mangler in your life. The Freedom no-pull Harness may not be chew-proof, but its nylon webbing has a 3800 lb test strength; It won’t break apart or fray, but it’s still vulnerable to sharp teeth. However, it does come with a lifetime chewing replacement warranty.

Freedom From Pulling

One of the hardest things to deal with as a pet parent is a tenacious puller. Having a pup that simply will not walk by your side and insists on pulling you around is unpleasant. That’s where the Freedom no-pull harness comes in. It is the perfect training tool to make walking your dog a more pleasant exercise. It features a control loop located at the back of the harness. This patented control loop will tighten around your companion’s chest to discourage the behavior.

What If Your Dog Chews It?

While the Freedom no-pull harness is a tough cookie, a sharp tooth can still do some damage. So what happens if your pup ends up chewing your new saving grace? The great thing about this product is its lifetime replacement warranty. The process is easy, all you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. After you find the chewed harness and see your dog’s guilty face, visit our Freedom Harness chewing warranty page.
  2. Pay the small fee of $12.99, which does include shipping
  3. Print the warranty received in your email and place it in the package with your damaged harness
  4. Mail it to our address at 2 Hounds Design 3038 Eaton Ave Indian Trail, NC 28079
  5. Receive your brand-new harness, and keep it safe from your pup’s teeth!

You Too Can Prevent the next Chewed Dog Harness!

Now that you’ve received your new harness and your pup gets over the magic powers you possess to fix all their mistakes: how do you keep it from happening again? After all, your dog still loves to chew things, and now that they know you can summon a new harness at will, nothing is stopping them.

All hope is not lost, and there are ways to curb pet chewing.

  • Keep the harness in a safe place far from your sharp-toothed pup, remember, no dog harness is chew-proof!
  • Only put the harness on when taking a walk, and remove it promptly on your return home
  • Redirect them with a toy or ball if you notice them chewing on their harness (or anything else).  There are some great techniques in this video.
  • For a more stubborn dog, try using an anti-chew spray, like bitter apple. These sprays are bitter and unpleasant and should do the trick if all else fails

At 2hounddesign, we pride ourselves on making all aspects of dog-owning fun and fulfilling. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

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