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How to wash and care for your dog's collar or harness

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Muddy Paws
Muddy Paws got you down? Don't worry, you can wash your 2HD dog harness, collar, or leash and get back to the fun!

Best Practices for your 2HD Gear

Dog collars help express your dog’s personality while keeping them safe. But, these important accessories don’t always get the love and care they deserve. If you’ve picked out the perfect collar for your pooch, keep it in good condition by practicing some simple care tips. It’s easier than it sounds and will keep Fido feeling fresher than ever!

Choose The Right Dog Collar

To keep your dog as safe and comfortable as possible, choose the right collar for your dog’s personality and lifestyle. If your pup loves romping around outside and gets messy often, avoid collars with delicate designs or special embroidery. Once you’ve found a collar that’s sturdy enough to withstand your dog’s lifestyle, be sure to pick the right size and width. Typically, the larger the dog, the thicker the collar.

Wash Your Dog’s Collar, Harness, and Leash Regularly

Your dog’s collar goes everywhere with your dog...including all the puddles they’ve jumped in, lakes they’ve swam in, and mud they’ve rolled in. Keep your dog looking (and smelling) fresh by regularly washing their collar. Before you toss it into the machine, check the collar’s care instructions. Some delicate collars may require hand-washing, but all 2 Hounds Design products are machine washable. Place the item in a pillow case or lingerie bag and run on the gentle cycle. Then, air dry the collar, avoiding direct sunlight. Before you know it, your dog’s collar will look as good as new! Make sure that the collar is completely dry before putting it back on your dog.

Keep A Spare

dog with comic book pattern collar Since you should air dry your dog’s collar, it’s always a good idea to have a spare (or several) on hand. Make sure every collar has the most up-to-date information and fits properly before putting it on your dog. If you have different collars for different seasons or holidays, the start of a new season is a great time to wash your dog’s current collar and try on a new one.

Check For Damage

Many dogs, especially puppies, have a bad habit of chewing their collars. Even if your dog isn’t a big chewer, regularly check their collar for any damage to the webbing or stitching. If the collar shows signs of damage, replace it right away. The same rules apply for your dog’s leash and harness. However, if your dog has chewed through their Freedom No-Pull Harness, check out 2 Hounds Design’s Harness Chewing Warranty to get a replacement.

Store Collars In A Safe Place

When you’re not using them, keep your dog’s collars in a safe place out of sunlight. Not only will the design last longer, but you’ll save it from any damage from falling, being stepped on, or chewed up. A dog’s collar is the best way to keep your dog safe while showing off their style. By caring for your dog's collars, leashes, and harnesses, you can make them last much longer!

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