How does the Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement Warranty work?

By Alisha Navarro

How the Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Works

I ordered the Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement warranty – what’s next and how does it work?

It happens, dogs chew things.  So you’ve got a chewed harness on your hands, you’ve ordered the 2HD Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement Warranty, but how does it work?

  • Print a copy of your invoice (it should be in your email) and put it in a box or an envelope with the chewed harness.
  • Mail it to:
    2 Hounds Design Chewing Warranty
    3038 Eaton Ave
    Indian Trail, NC 28079
  • We will receive your chewed harness and “magically” put a brand new harness in the mail.
  • You’ll receive your replacement Freedom No-Pull Harness in 5-7 days and you can enjoy your walks again!

How do keep my dog from chewing the harness again?

We have many “repeat offenders”, some dogs are just sneaky, but we have a few articles below that can help you!

And if you still aren’t sure of next steps or how the chewing warranty works (or if you have ANY questions about your Freedom No-Pull Harness) feel free to reach out any time, we are happy to help!

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