It is easy to measure your dog and select the right size for the Freedom No-Pull Harness! For best results when using your new Freedom No-Pull Harness, a snug fit is very important. We like to compare the proper fit to a good pair of running shoes (or a bra, if you wear one). A bad fitting harness or dog collar is uncomfortable for your dog and you won't see optimal results in your training.

But how do I actually measure and get the right size Freedom Harness?

To measure your dog for the Freedom No Pull Harness, take a soft measurement tape and measure all the way around the largest part of the chest, right behind the front legs. Then, you can choose the *smallest* size that still fits your dog. So for example, if your dog's chest measurement is 28" exactly, we still recommend that you choose the size Medium, as the front straps will be a better fit. PS The 5/8" Medium and 1" Medium fits the same chest measurement range. If your dog's average weight is 32lbs - 40lbs, choose the 5/8" Medium. If your dog's average weight is 40lbs - 60lbs, choose the 1" Medium. ”
Size Chart for Freedom No-Pull Harness

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