take better dog photos

4 Tips for taking better photos of your dog

By Alisha Navarro
take better dog photos

Great photos are a great way of preserving beautiful memories. And with your dog being your most loyal companion, he or she should always have a permanent place in your photo memories. Taking a picture of your pup can seem easy, but in the real sense, it is a tricky job to carry out, more so if you wish to capture that perfect shot.

They just never want to look at the camera, they won't stop moving, their fur blends into the background, or they get distracted. Don't worry, though! Below are a few top tips on how to take an image of your dog that will stand out.

1. Find a good natural setting for the best photos of your dog

The best place to photograph a dog is outdoors. Besides having better lighting, pets tend to be livelier and more energetic when they are outside. They also get to relax, loosen up, and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Head out to the dog park, go to your backyard, or try photographing your dog on a walk around the neighborhood.

In addition to this, choose simple backgrounds like green trees or a white sandy beach to make your dog's picture look epic.

If you do want to snap some indoor photos of your dog, make sure the lighting is even without a lot of shadows.

2. Get down on your dog's level

Dogs are closer to the ground than you are, so think of getting down to their level and take pictures from different angles for more creative and interesting shots. By lying on the ground or crouching on your knees, you suddenly see things from your dog's perspective. This gives you a clearer shot of your dog's face, making it a more intimate and beautiful portrait.

3. Use natural lighting for striking dog photos

When photographing your dog, always use natural light as it is the most helpful and accessible tool you will have in your photography. Natural light helps you to take striking pictures of your pet because of its ever-changing nature. Two of the best times to take your shot are: during the golden hour, which is shortly after sunrise or before sunset. This is the time when the sun creates a golden, hazy atmosphere that's ideal for vibrant pictures.

Secondly, on a cloudy day. Whereas clouds will not help you capture bright pictures, they will create a nice glow. You will also agree that clouds have a beautiful background, especially when taken from the ground level. Avoid harsh, direct rays of the sun as they can work against your photos by creating unflattering shadows, making your pictures less than perfect.

4. Offer treats or squeaky toys

Most pets, including dogs, are won over by treats and toys. Decide which motivator your dog will respond to the best and use it to get their attention. If you wave a treat under your dog's nose and then pull it upwards, he will most likely look up at you, and then you can use that precious time to get your shot.

You can also hold a toy closer to him to get him interested and then shoot in a burst mode while he's waiting for you to throw it. Burst mode is a feature that allows you to take lots of photos in a few seconds. The feature helps you capture all kinds of expressions and angles while your pup is running. How cool is that?

Lastly, never forget to offer a reward, or you will find your dog shifting his attention elsewhere. It could be anything from special treats to belly rubs and other forms of appreciation.

Bottom line

As we mentioned above, pictures are meant to create beautiful memories, so don't be a boring photographer. Spice up the whole experience by using a few little props on your great and loyal companion. Getting your dog a great collar or harness will make a cute concept for a do-it-yourself photo session. The pictures would pop out well, especially if you choose colors that align with your dog's personality!

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