social distancing with dog

5 Fun Things To Do at Home With Your Dogs

By Suzanne Long
social distancing with dog
Are you cooped up at home due to Covid-19? We thought we'd share some (mostly) fun things you can do with your dog to help pass the time.
  1. Go for walks - your pups still need to go out to potty and this is a great way for you both to get some fresh air and work off some of that pent up energy! Walks also help reduce stress which helps the immune system.*
  2. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Hide treats around your home and get your pup to find them - this is very rewarding for them (literally). You can also play hide and seek, just go to another room, hide, and have your pup come find you. Play tug of war with them, get them some doggie puzzles, play "clean up your toys", or even let them chase the vacuum if that's what they enjoy. Just get creative and remember that mental stimulation can help reduce stress for you and your pup. dog want to play
  3. Training - You're with your pup 24/7 anyway so you might as well freshen up on some manners. Be in the moment, watch your dog's eyes and how he or she reacts. Just remember to stay positive and have fun!dog in the window watching outside
  4. So here's the one your pup will probably be the least enthused about. Do you normally use a groomer? You may need to consider digging out the doggie shampoo and giving that pup a bubble bath. One thing that you may want to try is putting all natural peanut butter on the wall of the tub so your pup gets clean AND a treat at the same time!
  5. Take a nap with your dog. Go outside and lie on a blanket in the grass, curl up on the sofa, or even pile up together in the bed.
Most importantly, just spend time with and love your fur baby. They can be very therapeutic and we honestly probably need them more than they need us right now.
*It’s safe to take your dog out for walks, but you should avoid letting other people stop and pet your dog (and you must resist the temptation to do the same with other people’s dogs). Many dog parks are closing temporarily to help prevent the virus from spreading, so use your best judgment. Stay healthy for your pets by practicing good preventive measures, such as hand washing and social distancing. Using paw wipes after pets come in from the outdoors is a good idea to halt the spread of germs.


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