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5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Dog Collar

By Alisha Navarro
dog collar
Our dogs can’t tell us what they need, so it’s our job as their parents to pay attention. Here are five signs it’s time to replace your dog’s collar.

1. The collar isn’t fitting right

If you can’t easily slip two fingers between your dog’s collar and their neck, their collar is probably too small. And if your dog can slip their head out of their collar, then it’s definitely too big, An improperly sized collar can be not only uncomfortable for your pup, but also very dangerous. You don’t want your dog to wear a collar that is too tight or too loose — and neither do they! Make sure you check out our size guide when buying your pup a new collar.

2. There are signs of wear and tear

Your dog’s collar isn’t just for looks or staying on the right side of leash laws; it’s for keeping them safe. That’s why it’s important you regularly check your dog’s collar for signs of wear and tear. A worn or broken collar can put your dog in serious danger, so you never want to wait for it to break. If it isn’t as strong as it was when you first bought it, then it’s probably time to get a new dog collar. And if the buckle accidentally comes undone, the leather is weak, or the nylon is frayed, then it’s definitely time to get your dog a new collar

3. The tags are hard to read

Another way your dog’s collar keeps them safe is by letting the world know who they are and where they live. Your dog’s name tags are the only way they can tell the neighbors how to contact their parents when they wander off on their own. When it comes to dogs who wear tag collars, it’s time to get them a new one when the tags are hard to read. lola in peacock dog collar

4. The collar doesn’t meeting your training needs

It’s important you choose the right collar and harness for your dog. If your dog is prone to pulling on the leash or can easily back out of a regular collar, then you should swap their current collar for a martingale collar. And sometimes a regular, buckle collar isn’t enough to control an excited dog or to teach them how to walk loose on the leash. A martingale collar or a slip collar, in addition to your dog’s regular collar, can better meet your training needs.

5. It smells!

If your dog’s collar stinks, it could be time to get them a new collar! If you currently have a collar from 2 Hounds Design you can always try to wash the collar in a washing machine on the delicate cycle and let it air dry. If you have a collar from a different manufacturer you can contact them for their specific instructions on washing the collar. However, dogs are dogs and they wear their collars when they’re swimming in lakes and rolling in dirt, so they’re bound to stink eventually! If you can smell your dog’s collar from several feet away, even after you’ve attempted to wash it, it’s time for an upgrade.

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