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6 Ways To Help Your Dog Adjust To Life Changes

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woman and dog outside
It takes everyone time to adjust to life changes, including your dog. If you’ve recently started a new job, moved, or changed your household’s schedule, chances are Fido is feeling confused or anxious about what’s going on. Help reduce their anxiety and adjust faster by following these tips.

Ease Into The Change

Sudden changes can be stressful for dogs, so try to slowly adjust to your new schedule. For example, if your family has been spending more time at home and you’re getting ready to go back to your typical school or work schedule, practice leaving the house for a few hours each day. Slowly build up to a full day so your dog can become acclimated to being alone more often.

Be Consistent

If a family member has recently moved away or stopped living with you, you may be tempted to give your dog a “break” and ease up on some rules. However, dogs thrive on structure and routine, so changing their schedule or house rules may only add to their confusion. Instead, stick with your normal expectations and routine. The normalcy of having the same walking and feeding times will help your pup adapt to changes more quickly. If you’re changing your dog’s routine, follow the tip above and do it slowly. Once you’ve introduced the change, be consistent with the new schedule.The more consistent you are, the faster your dog will learn what you expect from them.

Take More Walks

Just as exercise can help humans deal with difficult times, it’s a great stress reliever for dogs, too. Try taking more or longer walks with your dog to help her work out some anxiety. If walks are stressful for you two, try out a Freedom No-Pull Harness. Training your dog to not pull on walks will help both of you enjoy the full benefits of the exercise.

Help Them With Anxiety

Big life changes can give dogs anxiety. If you notice your dog is struggling, try to lessen his anxiety by playing soothing music or trying out anxiety-relieving solutions like a ThunderShirt. If these don’t help, talk to your vet about potential supplements or medications to reduce your dog’s stress.

Practice Self Care

If your dog is stressed, chances are that you are, too. Dogs can pick up on their owner’s emotional state, so try to lessen your own anxiety. Practice some self care to boost your spirits, like exercising regularly, cooking yourself healthy meals, and doing activities that bring you joy.

Be Patient

No matter what life change they’re going through, dogs need time to adjust. Some dogs may adapt more quickly than others, and some may need more time. No matter how much time your dog needs, remember to be patient. You’ll get through this together!

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