The 5 Best Dog Collars According to Dog Owners

The 5 Best Dog Collars According to Dog Owners

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The 5 Best Dog Collars According to Dog Owners
You’ve seen other dogs looking so cute in their dog collars, and you’ve been meaning to get one for your four-legged friend too. But where do you even start to look for one? How would you know what constitutes the best dog collar? How do you know which material the best collars are made of? What about sizing? According to dog owners, the best dog collar should provide:
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Safety
A dog’s collar should perfectly suit its personality and behavior as well. Ask yourself:
  • How will the collar look on my dog?
  • Will the collar harm my dog in any way?
  • Does my dog pull a lot? Are they too playful?
You need to identify the key reasons why you want to purchase a dog collar. Is it for identification, control in public, training, aesthetics or beautification, for attaching a leash? These considerations will ensure that your dog remains comfortable once you get that dog collar. A dog’s collar should be of high-quality material, made with heavy-duty and premium hardware, easy to wear, safe, and comfortable with a lifetime warranty. So, to help you choose the best dog collars in the market, we have listed the 5 best collars according to satisfied dog owners.

1. 5/8″ Reflective Jingle Free Dog Tag Collar

Looking for the security of a sturdy collar while avoiding the jingle of tags bumping against each other when you’re walking your dog? Well, look no further! black and white jingle-free tag dog’s collar

5/8″ Reflective Jingle Free Dog Tag Collar

This Reflective Jingle Free Tag Collar is built to last and it comes with a slide-on tag. The collar is made of stainless steel that is deeply engraved for easy readability.
“I love this collar! I love it so much that I just bought a replacement for my pup… after 9 years! It is wonderful to have a silent, ID-sporting collar, and the reflective safety element gives me additional peace of mind.” - Sarah B.
This collar is available in 2 sizes:
  • ⅝” with a smooth reflective grosgrain ribbon (with slight ridges)
  • 1” wide collar
The collar is machine washable and can be air-dried. This type is among the safest dog collars, as you can comfortably leave it on your dog all day long. This is in contrast to other collars that can only be used occasionally because they easily tighten.
“I ordered one of these collar tags for my puppy. I love it. It fits the collar very solidly and will not come off no matter where my dog runs in woods, bushes, or water. It also looks good. This collar is among the best when compared to the ones that hang off. Well worth the cost.” - Judy
The main function of this jingle free dog collar is for your dog’s identification. The collar shouldn’t be used to restrain your dog nor should it be used with a leash.

Key Features

  • Multiple color options
  • Safe for everyday use
  • Machine washable
If you value your peace of mind, this jingle-free dog collar is your best bet!

2. Coqui Surf – Exclusive Dog Collar

In Puerto Rico - where native Coqui frogs are found, our Plant Manager designed this jacquard ribbon in honor of his hometown. The brightly colored frogs on the collar will certainly bring smiles to you and your four-legged friend. Coqui Surf - Exclusive Dog Collar

Coqui Surf Exclusive Dog Collar

A Coqui Surf Dog Collar
“Just as bright and cheerful as pictured. Very nice quality. My dog looks so handsome with his gorgeous new collar.” - Winnifred
The vibrant and playful colors will make your dog look fun and stylish. This collar is available in 3 widths; 1”, 1.5” and 2”. For the 1” and 1.5” widths, the style options are the Side Release collar, Martingale collar, Tag collar, and Buckle Martingale collar. The 2” collar width is only available in Martingale. For such a wide collar, the buckle hardware would need to be quite large and thus wouldn’t meet our collar aesthetic and comfort standards. You can choose from the silver or solid brass hardware. This makes for a sturdy fastener when compared to a plastic one that can easily break. To complete the collar set, you could add a matching turquoise velvet leash so you’re ready for a safe and fashionable walk with your best friend.

Key Features

  • Top-of-the-line hardware finish
  • Soft but strong and sturdy webbing core
  • Available in 3 different widths
  • Available in XSmall to XLarge sizes
  • Heavy-duty hardware for durability
“Bright, beautiful, and very well made. My red pit mix looks stunning wearing it. He’s a rescue from the Puerto Rico hurricanes, so it represents what was his beautiful island.” - Cathy

3. Cherry Blossoms Fuchsia – Silk Brocade Dog Collar

If you’re looking for style and elegance, then this Cherry Blossoms Fuchsia - Silk Brocade number might just do the trick. Cherry Blossoms Fuchsia - Silk Brocade Dog Collar

Cherry Blossoms Fuchsia Silk Brocade Dog Collar

The fuchsia background dotted with cherry blossoms, backed by black satin lining, will spell elegance for you and your four-legged pal.
“So beautiful! It’s like a piece of artwork.” - Susanne Bradford
Fuschia not your thing? This silk brocade dog collar is available in multiple colors and you can opt for either premium silver or solid brass hardware. It’s a great dog collar for outings and special occasions. The satin lining, together with the different color options provides your dog with comfort and style.
“Love this collar! I have ordered the collar a couple of times for our dogs. I have been ordering from 2 Hounds Design for 9 years. The collars are always the best, great quality, and beautiful!” - Shelley
You could add a matching black Swiss velvet leash to make it a complete set.

Key Features

  • Multiple color options
  • Premium silver or solid brass hardware finish
  • Best for outings and special occasions
  • Great quality
So beautiful!! I added the Swarovski crystals, definitely worth the extra couple bucks! I have already ordered another one for my dogs. Absolutely love 2 Hounds design!! - Lynda

4. Chill Out! Polar Bear Dog Collar

Chill Out! Polar Bear Dog Collar

Chill Out! Polar Bear Dog Collar

This collar falls in the martingale collar category. A martingale collar is also known as a limited-slip collar, a no-slip collar, or a greyhound collar. This is one option that’s bound to give your dog that “cool” look. Want to be the talk of the town for good reasons? This Chill Out! Polar Bear Dog Collar will make sure that you and your dog stand out. The collar comes with a high-quality flannel-backed satin or crepe webbing that offers protection for your dog’s neck. This martingale collar type is available in 2 sizes; 1.5” and 2”. You can opt for the Martingale collar, Side Release dog collar, or Buckle Martingale collar. It is the best collar for dog breeds such as Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Schnauzers, Whippets, Beagles, and the like. The dog collar comes with a heavy-duty silver hardware finish, making it durable and sturdy.

Key Features

  • Best collar for large dog breeds
  • Bright and colorful
  • Silver hardware finish

5. Black Freedom No-Pull Harness

The Freedom No-Pull Harness allows you to have the best walk with your dog without any force or pain.
Dog owner NHmom3 had this to say, “Got our harness last week. I was impressed with the quality – seems very heavy-duty, with velvety material on the belly part. Goes on easy and adjusts in all directions. Have only used it one time, but I'm happy with it so far.”
There is a structural connection ring attached to the front of the harness. The ring allows you to attach simultaneously to the back and front of the harness. You are then able to easily redirect your dog’s attention to the treats or training, as well as control pulling. Training Leash vs. Euro Leash: Which Is Better? It is optional as to whether you connect it to the ring, although we do recommend it. Wondering how to discourage your dog from pulling behavior? We’ve got you covered! On the back of the harness, there’s a control loop that gently tightens around the chest of your dog. This ensures that you’ll walk your dog with ease and both of you get to have a more enjoyable experience. Made with a Swiss chest strap, this collar is velvet-lined which helps to prevent chafing and rubbing behind your dog’s front legs. The stainless steel hardware doesn’t corrode or rust, and its nylon webbing can pull up to 3800lbs. Any dog from 14lbs to 250+lbs can comfortably use the Freedom No-Pull Harness. Sizes It has two sizes:
  • ⅝” for small dogs that are under 40lbs such as Whippets, Beagles, Dachshunds, Jack Russel Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Schnauzers, etc.
  • 1” for large dogs that are over 40lbs such as Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Basset Hounds, Greyhounds, Great Danes, etc.

Key Features

  • Patented control loop
  • Structural connection ring
  • Swiss velvet-lined chest strap
  • High quality
  • Several attractive colors to choose from
TIP: To learn which harness size will be the perfect fit for your dog, use a measuring tape to measure around the largest part of your dog’s chest. Then select the smallest size of the harness that’s within the resulting measurement.
The harness has multiple options for leash attachment; the Training Leash, the Euro Leash, and the Nylon Leash.
“Love this harness! Our 25lbs dog who thinks he’s a giant dog is controllable with this. It’s also one of the easiest harnesses to put on. This is our second one so we can wash one and have the other good to go or change up colors depending on the day.” - Jessica

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Collar

There are key factors that you need to consider before you go collar shopping for your dog. These are;


First thing’s first, you need to know the neck size of your dog for the collar to fit comfortably without pain. To measure it, you can use a shoestring or a measuring tape. Wrap it around your dog’s neck and note down the measurement. Then add 2 inches to this measurement and you have the perfect collar size. You should always be able to fit 2 fingers comfortably in between your dog’s neck and the collar. If it’s too tight for your fingers to squeeze under the collar, get the next size up.

Types of Collar

The most common collars are the standard dog collars. They can be fashionable, simple, and easy to fit. Standard collars are usually made of leather or nylon material and come with a metal or plastic buckle. They are best for dogs that can be off-leash, don’t pull, or those that simply require an identification tag holder.
  • LED dog collars are ideal if you normally take your dog for a walk at night or very early in the morning while it’s still dark. The collars have reflective materials or flashing lights so that motorists and pedestrians can easily spot your dog.
  • Waterproof dog collars are best during outdoor summer activities or for dogs that live in wetter climates. The soft material used on the collar is comfortable for the dog and can be worn all day.
  • Martingale dog collars are the best collars for dog training. They are safer, more comfortable, and effective.
lab in martingale harness


Nylon is the most commonly used material to make collars for dogs. Within this category of dog collars, there are a wide variety of colors, widths, qualities, and patterns. This type of collar is best for dogs to wear on walks, around the house, and for attaching ID tags. Leather provides a more durable and classy collar. Though expensive, leather dog collars can last a lifetime and normally have a lifetime warranty. Make sure you go for genuine leather material and not bonded leather. A bonded leather dog collar might feel or look like genuine leather but it is more of an inferior product and not durable. A leather padded dog collar can be a great option for your dog. Leather collars are available in both rolled and flat designs to best suit your dog. Soft touch black collar

Image courtesy

For dogs that love water or live in wet climates, neoprene makes for an excellent dog collar. However, most of them don’t come with a lifetime warranty like a leather padded dog collar. The neoprene material is soft rubber that has nylon webbing reinforcement for added stretch, strength, and durability. For instance, the Gentle Leader headcollar by PetSafe is designed using a padded neoprene. The Gentle Leader collar is very effective at painlessly eliminating pressure on the dog’s throat when it’s aggressive or anxious. Faux leather, also known as pleather or vegan leather, is another type of material that is used to make dog collars. Though fashionable and inexpensive, this type of leather is not as long-lasting as standard leather.

Get the Very Best Collar for Your Best Friend

Whether you want a collar for dogs of a different breed, large dogs, or small dogs, 2 Hounds Design has you covered. From boy collars to martingale collars to velvet to nylon - we’ve got it all! All of these amazing features can be found in the collar products of 2 Hounds Design. Click here to choose the best collar for your dogs from a wide variety of collars and sizes.
“Received the soft colorful collar today and both my dogs and I love it….its quality is awesome as is the fit! Thank you!!” - Michele
Having looked at the 5 best dog collars according to dog owners, we believe you are now equipped to go dog collar shopping! Looking for a tail-wagging time and ready to join the dog party? I bet you are!

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