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Does My Dog Need a Harness?

By Alisha Navarro
Great Dane
Even if your dog is typically well-behaved on the leash, there are still plenty of situations where they could benefit from wearing a harness. And for pups with not-so-perfect leash manners, a harness can make all the difference between a pleasant walk or nightmarish experience. Using a no-pull dog harness can make controlling and managing your dog much easier — and a lot less stressful. Here’s when your dog needs to wear a harness.

If wearing a regular collar could hurt them

If your dog is a serious puller and ends up choking themselves in a normal collar, they should wear a harness. Severe pulling puts a lot of pressure on their trachea and can actually damage it! Harnesses actually discourage pulling. By switching to a no-pull harness, you can more easily manage your dog, redirect the pressure from any pulling to their chest (rather than throat) and prevent leash-pulling harm.

… or hurt you

Another reason your dog should wear a harness is to make sure they don’t accidentally hurt you. Maybe your dog doesn’t pull on the leash to the point of choking themselves, but they do pull when they get excited (or just in general). A no-pull harness can give you the extra control you need to prevent your dog from:
  • Pulling you into traffic to chase after a squirrel
  • Pulling you down an icy sidewalk when they’re excited about the snow
  • Excitedly lunging at the wrong dog to say hello
  • Dragging you down the front steps as you begin your walk
A harness can also keep you both safe when you go to a busy place, like the farmer’s market, where you might meet unpredictable dogs.

If they’re an escape artist

Your dog should definitely wear a harness if they have a reputation as an escape in a park After all, it’s much easier for a dog to slip their head out of their collar than it is to get out of a harness. And for the dogs who will escape no matter how careful you are, a harness can make it easier to catch them. Dogs are much more agile than humans and can easily dodge our hands as we dive to catch them by the collar. The handles on dog harnesses give us something to grab on to, making it much easier to bring your little escape artist home.

Other advantages of using a dog harness

Harnesses do a lot more than keep you and your dog safe. Some other advantages of using a harness instead of a collar include:
  • They’re good training tools for teaching puppies how to walk on a leash.
  • A harness can make walking your large dog easier on your arms and back.
  • A harness lets you gently pull your dog up (without causing any pain or discomfort) if they need some assistance standing after lying down or sitting.
Now that you know why your dog should wear a harness and how harnesses can make your life easier, take a moment to learn about choosing the right collar and harness for your dog. Then get to know the patented Freedom No-Pull Harness. Happy walking!

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