Donate December by 2 Hounds Design


By Alisha Navarro
Donate December by 2 Hounds Design

2 Hounds Design is bringing #DonateDecember back!

Giving Back is (and always has been) part of our culture at 2 Hounds Design. Donate December is our favorite time of year, we love helping shelters and adoption groups!

This year our goal is to donate 1000 items (collars, leashes, harnesses) during the month of December. Our employees are all geared up and ready to go and we are asking for your help!

How does #DonateDecember work?

We are inviting you to join the challenge! For the entire month of December, use the links on this page to order items (Nylon Collars and Leashes or Freedom Harness/Leash sets) and tell us who* they should go to. We will donate an equal number, and even top it up!

Shelters and adoption groups use these products to help teach leash manners to dogs who may otherwise have trouble finding their forever home. By donating, you are making more dogs adoptable.

  • When you purchase 3, we donate 4 (group receives a total of 7)
  • When you purchase 6, we donate 7 (group receives a total of 13).

Plus, the organization* you designate to receive the items will be entered into the drawing for a $250 Gift Card (can be used for shelter supplies, food, whatever will help!). Each time a group is designated as a purchase recipient that group will receive one entry. (No purchase necessary, see details below.)

There's more to Donate December than just donations!

We truly appreciate your generosity, and think you should receive a little something too. When you purchase using the #DonateDecember links, you will receive an email with $15 off your next order from 2 Hounds Design (placed before 1/31/2022)!

Are you in?

Use the links below to order the items you want to donate and we will donate with you!

On January 2nd, we will take all the entries and put them into a "hat" from which we will draw the Gift Card winner. The winning group can use it on whatever they need - food, supplies, vet care, etc.

* Nominated shelter, rescue or adoption group must be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

Share the 2 Hounds Design love with #Donate December!

Love the idea? You can also help by spreading the word – 1000 items is a lot! Share the #DonateDecember program with your favorite group, fellow dog lovers, and friends on social media (you can use the buttons below).

No purchase necessary to enter the draw for the gift card, just submit your group's information and we will give the group an entry!

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