#DonateDecember is Back!

#DonateDecember is Back!

By Suzanne Long
#DonateDecember is Back!

Giving back is (and always has been) a big part of our culture at 2 Hounds Design, which is why we created #DonateDecember.

We are inviting you to join the challenge! Use the links on this page to order items and tell us what rescue group they should go to. We will donate an equal number, and even top it up!

Shelters and adoption groups use our dog collars, leashes, and harnesses to help teach leash manners to dogs who may otherwise have trouble finding their forever homes. By donating, you are making more dogs adoptable.

  • When you purchase 3, we donate 4 (group receives a total of 7)
  • When you purchase 6, we donate 7 (group receives a total of 13).

You can donate our solid-colored Nylon dog collars and leashes (available as Martingale, Buckle Martingale, and quick release dog collar styles). We also offer the Freedom No-Pull Harness as another option for donations.

Are You In?

Use the links below to order the items you want to donate and we will donate with you!

Share the 2 Hounds Design love with #DonateDecember!

Love the idea? You can also help by spreading the word! Share the #DonateDecember program with your favorite group, fellow dog lovers, and friends on social media. Simply copy the links from the buttons above.

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