#DonateDecember helps dogs!

#DonateDecember 2020 is a success!

By Elizabeth Silverstein
#DonateDecember helps dogs!

Sometimes rescue pups need just a little help to get them ready for their forever family. 2HD created #DonateDecember to help them get equipment to help prepare for their new homes.

Three years ago, the staff at 2 Hounds decided to step up their donation efforts. They’d always donated products to rescues, and had worked in the past with some great adoption groups, but they wanted to go bigger.

#DonateDecember is born!

The new initiative became #DonateDecember, which meant every purchased Freedom No-Pull dog harness set came with extras. Every three purchased means seven total and every six means thirteen total. It was more than their usual match program, which runs year-round for nonprofits.

#DonateDecember isn't limited to dog harnesses, the 2 Hounds team also offers martingale collars (often used for training) as well as buckle martingales collars and side release collars in the program.

“It’s my favorite thing to do throughout the year,” said Suzanne Long, Business Development Specialist at 2 Hounds Design. “People are typically more giving during the holidays, so we wanted to offer a way to give more ourselves. For December and January, we do a match plus one, while the rest of the year is an even match.”


Suzanne joined the 2 Hounds team around the same time they increased their donation efforts, and she loves being a part of a company that gives back. Throughout the year, 2 Hounds donates to rescue groups, fundraisers, and silent auctions. “We do a little bit of everything,” Suzanne shared. “We do what we can to help. That’s the thing I enjoy the most here. It’s nice working somewhere that has the same values I do.”

Suzanne knows firsthand how donations can help a small nonprofit. “I have a rescue background,” Suzanne explained. “Obviously, I’m a dog lover and I can’t think of a time that I’ve not had a least one dog. Over the years in rescue, I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, but the rewards exceeded the heartache. We would have dogs come through with no manners and we were very limited with our resources. It was a small rescue and we just didn’t have the resources or time for training. When rescue groups can get the Freedom No-Pull harness, they’re able to work with the dogs and they have a better chance of finding a home and staying in that home. If potential adopters see an unruly dog, the dog tends to be overlooked altogether or they end up being returned.”

Dog Adoption groups and rescues get help!

#DonateDecember request Santa Cruz Animal Shelter Santa Cruz Animal Shelter receives boxes of dog harnesses, collars, and leashes in #DonateDecember program.

Kimberly Callea of EASEL Animal Rescue League shared that every year they buy more for the dogs in their program. EASEL is one of the five rescues that benefited from the #DonateDecember program this past December. The dog harnesses keep their dogs safe but also provide a bit of fun.

“We use 2 Hounds Design Freedom Harnesses for our dogs almost exclusively as they are the most secure for our shelter dogs,” Kimberly shared. “We have many staff and volunteers who walk our dogs daily, attend adoption events, go on outings, and more. We’ve found that the Freedom Harness is simply the most safe, and safety is our number one priority. However, the assortment of colors and fabric are also super chic and give our dogs a little extra pizzazz when meeting potential adopters.”

Freedom No-Pull Harness on Easel dog

And with the pandemic, there’s been an increase in adoptions, which means more collar and harness sets are needed to help. “There’s been definitely so many animals who have found homes,” Suzanne said. “Rescue groups are adopting dogs out so fast, they’ve been going through harnesses left and right. So many dogs have found homes.”

Any rescue qualifies both for the special #DonateDecember rate, along with the year-round even match, but even individuals can utilize the program to help a nonprofit near them. “It’s a way for individuals to give back to rescue groups, too,” Suzanne said. “It’s a way for them to help. A lot of previous adopters of a group want to give back and help the rescue. Volunteers also want to help.”

Nearly 1000 harness sets went to help dogs looking for their families, and there’s still time to get the special rate. Grab your harnesses or collars by January 31, 2021 by going to the #DonateDecember dog collar order page or the #DonateDecember dog harness order page.

If you miss the deadline, you can still take advantage of the even match program that begins February 1, 2021.

Elizabeth Silverstein, CPDT-KA, is a certified dog trainer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. She's worked on a farm that's catered to dogs with behavior issues, for a doggy daycare, and at a dog bar. She's learned a lot along the way and enjoys helping people and their pets learn how to communicate effectively with her business, Telltail Dog Training. TellTail Dog Training

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