#DonateDecember / #Donate2Hounds Continues!

#DonateDecember / #Donate2Hounds Continues!

By Suzanne Long
#DonateDecember / #Donate2Hounds Continues!

#DonateDecember is one of our favorite programs here at 2 Hounds Design. We started it in 2018 to help adoption and rescue groups get much-needed equipment for the dogs in their care. 2 Hounds has a long history of supporting adoption and rescue and we offer several programs that help groups raise money and get much-needed equipment to help their dogs.

This program allows a rescue group’s supporters, followers, and volunteers the opportunity to give back. The best part is that when an individual purchases for a group through the #DonateDemember program, 2 Hounds matches the donation PLUS one!

  • Purchase 3, we donate an additional 4
  • Purchase 6, we donate an additional 7


Is your group interested in joining the program? It’s super easy!

Create a social media post, newsletter, email (even word of mouth) explaining the program to your supporters. Here’s an example post to help get you started:

***To add attention to your social media post, it’s great to add pictures of your pups in their 2 Hounds gear***

Click here to view the #DonateDecember/#Donate2Hounds listings your supporters will use to order from: #DonateDecember


Thank you for continuing your donation program. We were thrilled to receive so many harnesses and leashes from your #DonateDecember program. I truly appreciate your program, we go through collars, leashes and harnesses like nobody’s business!
Humane Society of Pinellas in Clearwater, FL


Email woof@2houndsdesign or call us at 704-234-0228 with questions!

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