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Fetching Fashion - The History of Two Hounds

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2 hounds design greyhounds

Alisha Navarro never planned on starting a dog collar and harness company, but in 2003, she was frustrated that no collars on the market would work for her two retired racing Greyhounds. So, she bought $500 worth of hardware and raw materials to make her own, and 2 Hounds Design was born. Learn about 2 Hounds Design’s incredible journey from a one-woman show to a business with over 50 employees and a 20,000 square foot manufacturing center.

Catching Attention

Once her dogs started displaying her work, Alisha’s stylish designs quickly caught the eye of her friends and their four-legged family members. With the extra materials leftover from her own dogs’ collars, she set up shop in her spare room to make and sell her collars. 2 hounds workshop Using her programming background, she created the original 2 Hounds Design website. By optimizing her site, leveraging her existing contacts, and continually adding improvements to the site, the business took off.blue patterned collar

Moving Up and Out

By 2009, 2 Hounds added the patented Freedom No-Pull harness to their roster of products, and moved into their first official manufacturing space and out of Alisha’s home. To up their production, they invested in custom sewing machines to increase quality, speed, and efficiency.yellow lab with harness

Growing Fast

These efficiencies couldn’t have come at a better time - business continued to boom and within three years, 2 Hounds moved to a bigger facility, triple the size of their original location. But this was far from the end of Alisha’s journey with 2 Hounds. The business’ relentless dedication to doing what’s best for their employees, their wholesale partners, and their customers would soon launch 2 Hounds into the small business spotlight. Check back soon to follow 2 Hounds on the next step of their journey.

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Comfort, Style, & Safety

Since 2003, 2 Hounds Design has been making quality products that dogs love wearing and people love using! We use Lean Manufacturing principles to drive continuous improvement in the areas of quality, comfort, and on time delivery.

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