Learn how #DonateDecember works and how you can get $15 off your next 2HD order!

By Alisha Navarro
How #DonateDecember works for Freedom Harnesses, Dog Collars, and Leashes Want to help an adoption group AND earn $15 off your next order? Or hey, want to just help out an adoption group in need? Tell them how #DonateDecember works and Share This Link!

We are about halfway to our goal of donating 1000 Dog Harnesses, Collars, and Leashes to adoption groups all over the world with less than 10 days to go in 2020!

How #DonateDecember works for the donor:

  • When you purchase 3 items, we'll donate 4.
  • When you purchase 6 items, we'll donate 7.
  • You'll get an email with $15 off your next order (placed before 1/31/2021)!

How #DonateDecember works for the adoption group:

  • Share the link with your email subscribers, social media, or anywhere that you could post a wish list of items that would help the shelter for end of year.
  • Include the benefits to them above and explain how #DonateDecember works
  • Include the group's mailing address
  • Reach out to us with questions about Wholesale Ordering or ways that your group can earn CASH by referring your adopters to our website!
“This program has helped us buy new harnesses for three years now and each year we purchase more! We are thankful to the staff at 2houndsdesign for always being so accommodating and making our dogs look and feel special.” --Easel Animal Rescue League, New Jersey
How your group can participate in #DonateDecember Share this link to #DonateDecember or use the Social Share buttons, someone you know might be looking for help for a shelter, or might be looking for a way to help other groups. Be a connector! Make #DonateDecember work for your group! Paws for Life Adoption Group #DonateDecember

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