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How to Keep your Dog Calm During Fireworks and Storms

By Alisha Navarro
red white and blue dog collar
Fireworks, thunder, and lightning, oh my! With summer comes more sunshine, more outdoor adventures, and unfortunately, some serious stressors for your dog. The right preparation is the key to a happy pup, and we’ve got you covered with our 7 must-know tips for keeping your dog calm during fireworks and storms.

1. Acclimate your Dog to Loud Sounds

If you plan ahead, you can help your dog get used to fireworks by playing sounds of them at increasing volume over a period of three to four months. When the real thing comes, your dog won’t be fazed.

2. Take a Walk

Long before you fire up the grill on the 4th of July, take your pooch on a long walk to tucker him out. Using the proper walking technique, you’ll expend your dog’s excess energy and make him calmer all day long!

3. Create a Safe Space

Prepare a comfortable space with a blanket, a few of their favorite toys, and a treat or two. Once the fireworks begin to bang, let your dog stay there until they feel safe coming out. To find the perfect spot, consider a sound-proof area or where your dog naturally hides during a storm. If you’re at a friends house, bring your dog’s travel crate stocked with these items. Providing a familiar place with their favorite items will help them stay calm, even in a new location. red white and blue dog leash

4. Shut the Curtains

To help block out additional sensory input, like flashes of lightning or fireworks, close the blinds in your house. This eliminates another factor that can stress your dog out.

5. Play White Noise or Music

A firework that is miles away sounds much closer to your dog, so it’s no wonder they get scared. Playing calming music or white noise diffuses the sound of fireworks and comforts your dog. There are even specially made tracks, like Through a Dog’s Ear, that can ease your dog’s stress and anxiety.

6. Stay Home (If You Can)

If you can host your 4th of July plans, go for it! Having you around will make your dog feel safer once the fireworks start. Once they start, act calm. Dogs pick up on your energy, so if you act like the fireworks are no big deal, they’re more likely to relax.

7. Replace Their Collar and Tags

Running away from loud noises is a survival instinct. Following these steps should help, but some dogs may still try to bolt, especially on the 4th of July. Give your dog a new, properly fitted collar and update their tags to make sure you can be reunited with him if he runs away. Our reflective collars are a great choice for 4th of July; they reflect up to 300 feet away to give your dog increased visibility at night. Or, try our jingle-free dog collar, which keeps your dog’s ID on them at all times without the clink and clatter of a traditional collar. Head over to our collar, leash, and harness shop to find the perfect item to keep Fido safe and stylish.

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