How To Prepare for a Puppy

How To Prepare for a Puppy

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How To Prepare for a Puppy

Congratulations! Are you ready to bring your puppy home and join the world of pet parenting? But are you prepared for a puppy?

There's no question that puppy kisses, puppy cuddles, and just the constant companionship is the dream of every new pet parent. But bringing a new puppy home (or a new dog of any age) for the first time can be stressful.

Consider this list your holy grail for all essentials when it comes to puppy prepping. Let's get started, shall we?

Puppy Proof Your Home

I mean, the last thing you want is to see your cute little pup ruining your brand-new rug. Yikes! Go through your home and evaluate what needs to be done in order to make it puppy friendly. This may include things like:

  • Poisonous plants (the ASPCA has a complete list) - put them out of reach for curious doggos
  • Covering up any exposed electrical cords
  • Clearing out any small spaces or areas they could get trapped in
  • Putting extra "stuff" that could tempt chewing out of reach (shoes, kids toys, anything you don't want the new pup to think is his or her toy)
  • Storing away any cleaning supplies or chemicals
  • Think about pet gates or other containment devices. Is it ok for your pup to be in the kitchen? Or do you store things where he or she might be able to reach them?

Puppy proofing is key in keeping your pup safe, so make sure to do a thorough job! Take your time on this, and if need be, seek advice from friends or family who have been through the puppy process before.

Are you familiar with the "Rule of 3" for bringing a new puppy/adopted dog home?

  • In the first 3 days, your puppy may be a little scared and overwhelmed. He or she may not eat or drink much. Be patient and don't push too hard.
  • After 3 weeks, your puppy will likely start showing more personality, playing, and sleeping more soundly.
  • After 3 months, your pup will be familiar with the rules of the home and will have bonded with you, feel secure in his or her new home, and should be set on a schedule.

Make Decisions and make sure everybody is on the same page

  • Will your puppy be allowed everywhere in the house? Will some rooms be off-limits at first?
  • Will you free feed? Or feed on a schedule (schedules are usually recommended)
  • Will your pup be allowed on furniture or on beds?
puppy on furniture

Prepare for Puppy - Get the Right Supplies

You're going to need more than just a dog collar (or harness), leash, and some food bowls (although those are important, too). When stocking up on supplies, don't forget things like:

  • A comfy dog bed - They're going to need a place to rest their little heads
  • Chew toys - To help with those pesky teething pains...and puppies love to chew!
  • A crate - Dogs love having their own space to relax in and feel safe
  • Puppy food and treats - Be sure to ask your vet about what kind of food is best for your pup
  • A collar with built in ID tags - Just in case your pup ever gets lost.
  • Potty Training supplies, clean up supplies, gentle shampoo, and a brush.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but it's a great starting point. Once you have all the necessary supplies, you'll be one step closer to puppy parenthood!

Create a Schedule for your puppy

Puppies need structure and routine in order to thrive. This means setting up a regular feeding schedule, potty breaks, playtime, and sleep time. It may seem tedious at first, but trust us, your puppy will thank you for it later. Feeding your pup at the same time every morning will likely prevent early morning wakeup calls. Sticking to a walking routine will help your pup's body be ready to potty when it is time.

Start Learning About Potty Training

Potty training? More like potty learning. Because let's be real, it takes two to tango on this one. You'll need to be patient, consistent, and have a lot of treats on hand (trust us, your pup will be a fast learner with the right motivation).

You will need:

  • Carpet Cleaning supplies (Nature's Miracle or other enzyme stain and odor remover)
  • Collar or Harness and leash (for going outside to potty - but I also like to keep this on to keep the new pup by my side while we work on potty training).
  • Possibly a longer leash or long-line if your pup is shy about going potty on the leash too close to you. Slowly shorten the length of the leash and continue to praise every time your dog goes potty outside until your dog is more comfortable going on a "normal" length leash.
  • Treats, toys, or whatever motivates your dog (when he or she potties outside, you want to treat generously and praise praise praise!
  • Lots of patience, love, and enthusiasm (get the praise voice going!)

Take your puppy outside every 30 minutes to start and stay out for at least 5 minutes each time. Watch closely for any signs of going potty outside and praise/treat generously.

There are many different ways to approach potty training, so do some research and talk to your vet about what will work best for you and your pup. They'll be able to give you some great tips and resources to get started.


Choose the Right Vet

One of the most important things you can do for your pup is to find a good vet. Ask around for recommendations, read online reviews, and even visit a few different clinics before making a decision.

Once you've found the perfect fit, be sure to schedule an appointment so your pup can get a check-up and all the necessary vaccinations. A great vet that you trust is worth their weight in gold, so find someone who communicates well and provides the type of care that is important to you.

Prepare for the Puppy Pickup Day

Now that you've done all the prep work, it's time to actually go pick up your pup! Make sure you have everything you need before heading out the door, such as their crate, a harness, a collar, leash, puppy treats, etc.

Take a breath, life is about to be more fun!

Prepare for Puppy

Enjoy Your Parenting!

Once you have your pup home, it's time to settle in and enjoy the ride. Parenting a puppy is a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun. So, savor the good moments and don't sweat the small stuff. Before you know it, they'll be all grown up. Connect with us on Instagram for more tips, tricks, and amazing content on puppy parenting! To learn more about our products, contact us today.

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