matching keychains

Matching Keychains for your Dog's Collar or Harness

By Alisha Navarro
matching keychains

Looking for an extra fun way to connect with your dog? Introducing the all new EarthStyle keychains! Check it out!

You and Your Dog Can Match!

Aloha Matching Keychain

These stylish keychains are designed specifically to match your dog's EarthStyle leash, collar, or Freedom No-Pull harness. If you are the type of doggie parent that loves to do everything together with your furry friend, here is a unique opportunity to show the world that you are a team!

Just Imagine, walking through the park, your dog decked out in a stylish buckle collar and leash; and there you are, casually twirling your keys around on a new keychain that matches your dogs gear! Yes, everyone will be jealous.

So Many Patterns to Choose From!

Thinking that it will be a challenge to find a pattern you'll like? Don't worry, there are so many to choose from! Tie-dye, paisley, daisy dot, wild hearts, you name it. You're sure to find just the right pattern for you and your dog.

There are even select options for your favorite holidays, whether it's Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Just find the name of the pattern on the leash you like, and then select the same name for the keychain too.

Hey, if your dog is the type who likes to bring you the leash to go on walks, now he/she can also learn to find and bring your keys too, right? (if only it were that simple!)

Perky and Practical

Matching Keychains for collars and harnesses

EarthStyle keychains aren't just nice to look at, they are the perfect size to slip onto your wrist when you're out and about. This will help you keep track of your keys, and prevent them from being overlooked or lost.

Unique keychains also help others identify your keys as well, like when you've misplaced them (it happens to the best of us) and you're asking your friends and family to help you look; you just have to say, "Look for the cherry blossom strap", or "Keep an eye out for the keychain with blue paisley".

Measuring 6″ long x 5/8″ wide, these split-ring style key rings are just the right size! Not too big, not too small.

You're Saving the World Too!

Did you know that the webbing of our EarthStyle keychains are made out of recycled water bottles? That's right, when you choose EarthStyle, you are helping to reduce further production of unneeded plastics in the world, and minimizing what goes into the landfills!

We believe that it is important to take care of the planet we live on; but in the process of doing so, why not look snazzy at the same time! ...And who knew that old water bottles could be so useful and attractive?

Want to Learn More?

There are a lot of options, and of course you want to make an informed decision. Would a leash or harness be best for your dog? Would their coat pattern look better with a star spangled collar, or twilight glow? Some decisions, only you can make.

But if you have any questions about EarthStyle keychains, or want any more information about our other products, contact us today! Our friendly team at 2 Hounds Design will be happy to help you out!

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