New Year, New You… and New Pup, Too!

New Year, New You… and New Pup, Too!

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New Year, New You… and New Pup, Too!
A new year brings so many new opportunities, which is one of the reasons why people focus so heavily on health and wellness in their New Year’s resolutions, setting goals around getting fitter, healthier, stronger, or just moving around a little bit more. And 2020 is a great year to not only stick to these resolutions, but include your favorite furry family member in them as well. Here are a few tips to include your dog in your health and self-care goals in the coming year.

Amp Up Your Activity (And Theirs)

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions involves fitness. People are incorporating exercise into their daily routine more and more, and your furry friend can join in too! While many people get a gym membership to start out the new year, something as simple as taking your pup on longer walks can bump your fitness up, and stepping out with a new Freedom No-Pull Harness (with a patented control loop on the back that tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling behavior) will help make the experience an even better one.

One Step At A Time

Just like training your dog a new trick, new habits take patience, and going full-force into a bunch of changes (in that “New Year, New You!” passionate kind of way) increases your likelihood to fall off the bandwagon. Think of your goals like how you’d teach your dog to stay - break down each goal into smaller steps, and focus on making each day a little bit better. The compounded efforts will produce results that last.

Add A Little Flair To Your Daily Routine

Self-care: a hot topic for 2019 that deserves a place in 2020, too! Self-care can include anything from taking a long, sudsy bath, reading a great novel, having a delicious meal, or treating yourself to that one thing you really wanted this holiday season. And you can extend a little bit of that self-care flair to your dog, with a new collar to start the new year with a style refresh. Of course, whether you choose a limited edition collar - including this amazing collar with silk brocade brought back from Mumbai - or a classic, clean-lined tag collar, your pup will be comfortable, happy and stylish. Resolutions are a great way to set new goals to work toward, and when you can include your whole family (especially your four-legged family) in them, you’ll be more likely to stick to them all year round. Make 2020 your best year yet!

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