See Why People Are Switching To The Freedom No-Pull Harness

See Why People Are Switching To The Freedom No-Pull Harness

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See Why People Are Switching To The Freedom No-Pull Harness
We know how frustrating it can be if your dog pulls, mushes, or is just difficult to control when they’re on a leash. That’s why we love making our patented Freedom No-Pull Harness, a revolutionary walking system that stops dogs from pulling and makes walks more enjoyable for the both of you. To get a better idea of why our customers love our Freedom No-Pull Harness, we interviewed some people that recently switched to our harness. Read on to learn which features they love most!

Easier Walks

Of course, this is the main reason why people buy harnesses. Even the largest dogs with strong inclinations to pull can benefit from the No-Pull Harness, which is why we fit dogs weighing anywhere between 14 pounds to over 250 lbs. No matter the size of your dog, the Freedom No-Pull harness will help your pup stop pulling and improve their walking behavior. Our customers report that when using the Freedom No-Pull Harness, their dogs are easier to control, more responsive to commands, and pull decidedly less than they did with other harnesses.

Easy Sizing Process

Using the harness sizing chart, you can easily measure your dogs at home and order the size that will best fit your pooch. Our customers report that the chart is accurate, and by following the suggested measurements, they received a harness that fit their dog well. Plus, with multiple connection points, the Freedom Harness offers additional sizing customization, since you can tighten and loosen many parts of the harness.


Many dog owners may have tried out harnesses that made their dog chafe, which isn’t a good experience for pets or their owners. We’re passionate about creating products that are comfortable for our four-legged friends, which is why our harnesses are lined with Swiss velvet. This lining prevents rubbing and chafing, and makes the harness more comfortable to wear. The Swiss-velvet lining combined with multiple connection points makes it easy for dogs to get used to the Freedom No-Pull Harness. In fact, some customers reported that their dogs seemed more comfortable when they had the Freedom No-Pull Harness on. One customer even stated that his dog’s demeanor changes when she has the harness on, and becomes more docile and calm.

Multiple Connection Points

Our harnesses are unique because they feature two connection points. The patented control loop on the back of the harness gently tightens to discourage pulling, while the optional connection ring on the front of the harness allows you to redirect your dog’s attention back to you for treats and training throughout your walk.

Chewing Policy

Many dogs tend to chew through their harnesses and collars, which can be expensive (and unsafe!) Luckily, our harnesses come with an optional chewing warranty, which allows customers to send their chewed harness back to us. Once we receive your harness, we’ll send you a brand new harness back - no questions asked.

Better Behaved Dogs

In the end, more pleasant walks mean you can safely walk your dog more often and for longer periods. Our customers have said that since using the No-Pull Harness, they’ve seen a difference not only in their dog’s walking behavior, but also in their general behavior. As we always say, a tired dog is a well-behaved dog, and our customers certainly agree!

Hear For Yourself!

Still not convinced? Read what our customers have to say about switching to the Freedom No-Pull Harness: “The Freedom No-Pull Harness has made us both happier and healthier companions!” LaRae R. “The no pull harness is an effective and safe method for helping to curb strong pulling dogs. Going on hikes with the dog is more enjoyable and my dog’s pulling behavior has improved with the harness. The double leash system is a unique approach that gives you added control when needed.” - Jeff W. Are you ready to safely walk your dog, stop them from pulling, and create a better dog-human relationship? Shop our selection of Freedom No-Pull Harnesses now!

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