#SatoStrong  2 Hounds Design teams up with Punta Santiago Dogs!

#SatoStrong 2 Hounds Design teams up with Punta Santiago Dogs!

By Alisha Navarro
#SatoStrong  2 Hounds Design teams up with Punta Santiago Dogs!

2 Hounds Design and Punta Santiago have teamed up to create a custom dog collar to help spread awareness on the pet overpopulation crisis in Puerto Rico.

Punta Santiago Dog rescue takes in neglected, abused and abandoned street dogs, dedicating their time, energy & compassion to nurse these animals back to health, and find them new, loving homes.

The population of stray dogs on the island is estimated to be over 350,000. Though the overpopulation issue has been a serious problem for over a decade, the recent natural disasters that have struck Puerto Rico within the past few years have dramatically escalated the issue, increasing the number of abandoned pets, many who are sick, injured and starving- who are in desperate need for care.

P.S. Dog Rescue and many other groups are doing everything they can to aid as many animals as possible, then find good homes where these pets can be safe, cared for and loved. With the population of strays increasing by the day, shelters, rescues, and volunteers are struggling constantly. Already scarce resources have been stretched even thinner, as many rely on donations to afford the necessary materials and supplies in order to continue rescuing & rehabilitating these pups so they can leave the streets behind them for good.

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