A Complete Guide to Velvet Custom Dog Collars and How to Get Your Own

A Complete Guide to Velvet Custom Dog Collars and How to Get Your Own

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A Complete Guide to Velvet Custom Dog Collars and How to Get Your Own

As a pet parent, you want the best for your pup, the most comfortable, the most stylish, the best collar you can find, right? Customize your own Velvet Dog Collar and get exactly what you want! Ideally, you want to make sure your custom velvet dog collar is well-fitting and comfortable. But why stop there? Your canine pal deserves to show off their perfect style and personality as well - right? Here’s the problem. The choices of velvet custom dog collars available online are almost infinite. The same can be said of local pet stores. There are hundreds of options out there! All in different colors, sizes, collar styles, and widths. And at different prices, too. As such, finding the best-personalized dog collars for your pup can be a challenging task. Your experience can be easier, however. And you’re about to learn how. By following this guide, you’ll learn how to get a velvet custom dog collar that’s right for your pooch. One that allows them to show off their style and personality without sacrificing functionality.

How to Find the Right Sized Velvet Custom Dog Collar

Before you begin looking for personalized dog collars, you always want to find out what size your pup’s neck is.

Measuring Your Dog’s Neck

You can measure your dog’s neck size using any of the following:
  • A flexible measuring tape,
  • A soft tape measure, or
  • A piece of string.
Step 1: Gently place the measuring tape or string around your pooch’s neck between the collar bone and the ears. Measure Dog Collar Size

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Step 2: With your dog standing upright, take note of the measurement where the tape or string crosses.

Step 3: Add 1-2 inches to this measurement depending on your dog’s size. Step 4: This is the collar size your dog needs. You can now use this dog collar sizing chart to choose the right size for your velvet dog collars.

Use the “Two-Finger” Test

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Once you have your velvet dog collar, use the ‘two-finger’ test to ensure it’s well-fitting. Place two fingers between your pooch’s neck and the velvet collar. You should be able to comfortably slip your fingers under the collar. If not, then the dog collar is too tight. If you can easily fit three or more fingers, then your pup’s velvet dog collar is too loose. Note: Dog collars should be loose enough to let your pup move around comfortably. However, they should be tight enough not to slip straight off over your dog’s head.

Keep in mind the following:

An ill-fitting velvet dog collar is a recipe for disaster. It doesn't matter how soft the collar is. If it’s too loose, your furry friend could accidentally slip their paw through it and get stuck in a harmful position. On the other hand, a velvet dog collar that’s too tight could choke or strangle your dog.

Buying a Velvet Dog Collar: What to Consider

Soft Kitty Dog Collar

Soft Kitty Velvet Dog Collar

The Correct Width

The size of your dog’s neck helps determine the appropriate length for their dog collars. However, velvet dog collars also come in various widths. That means you have to choose the correct width for your collar depending on the size of your dog. Width sizes to choose from include: A velvet dog collar that’s way too wide for your pup will look like a turtleneck and be really uncomfortable for your dog. On the other hand, if it’s too thin, walking your canine pal can be problematic. The good news is that you can always customize the width of your custom velvet dog collar. Consider a narrow dog collar custom option if you have a small dog. On the other hand, a wide collar would be ideal for larger-sized dog breeds. Note: Custom collars for dogs should be wide enough for a comfortable fit. They should allow for optimal distribution of the pressure around your dog’s neck.

Combine With a Leash to Enhance Functionality

"Every dog needs a collar, chiefly because they need something to hang their leash, license, ID, and rabies vaccination tag on." - The Humane Society
How about completing your collar set with matching swiss velvet leashes? Your pooch will be a real dog about town! On top of style, it’s important that you consider the practicality of your velvet collar. And, of course, the availability of a matching dog leash.


Velvet dog collars are made with a strong but soft webbing core for the comfort of your furry friend. If you have a long-haired dog breed, make sure your velvet dog collars are soft and pleasant to the touch. You don’t want a dog collar that could impact the comfort of your pup. The wrong material could easily pull your dog’s fur (or hair) out, causing damage to their neck. No pet parent wants a harmful collar for their furry friend! Adjustable custom velvet dog collars, like the soft kitty dog collar, are particularly practical for puppies. They are easy to adjust in length and allow for sufficient freedom of movement.


Dog collars serve both as a safety measure and decorative accessory for your dog. Choose velvet dog collars that match your dog’s style and personality. custom collars dog

Velvet Dog Collars

Finally, velvet dog collars customized with your contact details will help your pooch find their way home should they get loose. We offer Jingle Free Tag Collars in our velvet collection as well with an engraved dog collar tag that sits right on the collar.

The Best Collar Style for Your Dog

The right collar style for your furry loved one depends on a few variables. Personalized dog collar styles to consider include:
  • Martingale collars. Your dog shouldn’t wear them 24/7 as they’re designed for dog walking and training. If your dog slips out of conventional dog collars, then consider this dog collar style.
  • Buckle-martingale collars. This is a martingale with an added buckle so you don't have to slip the collar over your dog's head. A versatile collar, but you lose some adjustability.
  • Side-release buckle collars. If you’re looking for low-maintenance pet collars that you can adjust effortlessly for a perfect fit, this style is ideal.
  • Tag collars. These have ID tags that allow you to add your information for easy identification. Worried about your dog getting loose but don’t like the jingle of a regular tag? Look no further than a jingle-free tag.

Get the Very Best for Your Furry Friend Today!

At 2 Hounds Design, we love unique luxurious velvet dog collars that allow you to celebrate your dog’s personality and style. You can design your own velvet dog collars to suit your canine pal’s coloring. Don’t be surprised if they show off their high-quality dog collar with some friendly tail wagging. You’d be just as excited about a wardrobe upgrade, too! Don’t just take our word for it; check out these testimonials of happy customers who adore their new dog collars: Missy Klem

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Susan Pilla

Susan Pilla Customer Review

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