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A How-To Guide on Personalized Dog Collars

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Cellphone Joke
Both have collar ID. And your dog deserves one too. Not “collar ID” but a dog collar. And not just any dog collar but custom dog collars to suit their unique personality. You can choose a leather dog collar or good ole martingale dog collars. Either way, the perfect personalized dog collars will set your dog apart. But how do you choose the right dog collars? It’s important to remember what suits one dog may not suit another. It all comes down to your dog’s:
  • Preference
  • Temperament
  • Neck size
  • Activity level
Dog collars are the best way to highlight your dog's name and attach a leash. Most dogs can comfortably wear them, provided they’re well fitted. And dog collars come in a variety of styles:
  • Handcrafted
  • Leather dog collar
  • Designer ribbon
  • Intricate weavings
  • Beadwork
Good thing there’s room in your dog’s closet for dog collars for every purpose and occasion. More importantly, engrave their dog collars with their name and your phone number for safety reasons. A reflective dog collar is perfect for this. And we can’t forget to mention the yellow dog design that caters to your anxious pet’s needs. According to Tractive,
“The yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar or leash is a sign to other people, to proceed with caution. This is because the dog may not be child friendly, have health issues, have fear or anxiety issues, or is in training. Either way, apply caution when approaching. Dogs wearing a yellow ribbon on their collars aren't necessarily aggressive. In fact, many are not. They just need a bit of extra space.”

Why Should You Choose Personalized Dog Collars?

Dogs using collar Source: unsplash.com Who says your dog doesn’t deserve good dog collars? More specifically a nice custom dog collar to match their personality? Here’s why you should go for custom dog collars:
  • You can engrave the personalized collars with the dog’s name, your telephone number, or your dog’s paw shape. It can be anything really, just be creative.
  • Custom dog collars are an excellent way to set your dog apart from other similar dogs in your area
  • Maybe you just want to flaunt your dog, then a custom doggie collar is the way to go. If you decide on personalized dog embellishments get quality materials to avoid accidents.
  • The yellow dog design is especially helpful for your anxious dog who needs space from people. A yellow ribbon on the collars should do the trick.
You’re probably thinking, “I just don’t have the time for sewing and fitting”. We get it and we’ve got you covered. Just shop from our super wide range of dog collars. We have everything from Holiday Dog Collars to Jingle-Free tag collars. You can even get a Jingle-Free tag and include your desired details in up to five lines. How’s that for saving time? Don’t leave when your cart is empty. Get your custom dog collar today.

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